Writer Enda Walsh on burnout, the human spirit and his lifelong friendship with Cillian Murphy

The playwright and screenwriter is previewing his new theatre work at Cork’s Sounds From a Safe Harbour festival. Here he explains why theatre should never be ‘safe’

Enda Walsh: even in his early days as a playwright, Walsh ‘felt really looked after’, which is not the case for young writers today

Enda Walsh knows how lucky he is. Ever since his 1996 play, Disco Pigs, announced his name, and that of its male star, Cillian Murphy, to the universe, the Dubliner has enjoyed a stellar career as a playwright and screenwriter, working with world-famous actors, composers and musicians, while creating a repertoire of brilliant and challenging work.

“I’ve always thought that the audience will just go for it; although they might be a little bit perplexed ...