Word up: How a Paul Mescal interview helped put Irish back into a leading role

A renewed interest in the language is evident in the many initiatives all over the country – from Irish-speaking artists’ events and LGBT Irish community gatherings to social media content as Gaeilge and Pop Up Gaeltacht pub nights

Paul Mescal at the Baftas: the clips of the actor’s cúpla focail have over two million views. Picture: Getty

It seemed to come out of nowhere four weeks ago, but there was even more spontaneity to Paul Mescal’s red carpet interview as Gaeilge than first appeared.

“I found out the Wednesday before the Baftas that I was going over. It was a very quick turnaround, it all happened very quickly,” Caitlín Nic Aoidh, the TG4 presenter who conducted that fateful interview with Mescal, tells the Business Post Magazine.

“I hadn’t been at an event ...