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What to watch and listen to this week: Dermot Bannon under the spotlight and a celebrity memoir book club

The Room to Improve architect is the subject of ‘constructive criticism’ in the last episode of the current series

Celebrity architect Dermot Bannon: his earlier work will be critiqued by a ‘superfan’, a not-so-super fan and an Irish Times journalist

Room to Improve: Constructive Criticism, Tonight, 9.30pm, RTE One

Those looking forward to seeing Dermot Bannon creating something with an A1 BER rating out of a crumbling cowshed for people with amazingly elastic budgets may be disappointed this week when, in the last episode of the current series, he is subjected to “constructive criticism”. Those supplying it are weather presenter Nuala Carey (described as a “superfan”), Majella O’Donnell, a former client of Bannon’s, whose husband ...