What to watch and listen to this week: A dramatic portrayal of Oscar Wilde’s shocking fall from grace

A one-off drama depicts Oscar Wilde’s ordeal in Reading Gaol, while a documentary follows the reconstruction of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic cabin

Toby Stephens as Oscar Wilde in Prisoner C33 on BBC Four


Prisoner C33, Tonight, 9pm, BBC Four

Think of poor old Oscar Wilde, banged up in dismal Reading Gaol picking oakum (earlier he had been forced to work on a treadmill) while seeking out the “little tent of blue” above his exercise yard. In Trevor Nunn’s new one-off drama, he is played by Toby Stephens (best known as the James Bond villain Gustav Graves in Die Another Day). A savagely shorn Wilde interrogates his younger, spectacularly successful self in order to better understand the events that led him into Victorian England’s punitive prison system. EK