Wexford readies for annual operatic festivities

This year’s festival runs from October 24 to November 5, with a wide choice of offerings from films to interviews

Rosetta Cucchi, artistic director of Wexford Opera Festival, has chosen Women and War for this year’s theme

Wexford’s fireworks are back – on stage, on cue and on the street

It’s fireworks time in Wexford again. The annual opening display over the town has been taking place for 72 years, heralding the most exhilarating pyrotechnic exhibitions of a different kind – operatic.

One of the great joys of our half-hidden National Opera House is to walk down High Street in the preceding weeks and hear sopranos and tenors at full singing stretch as they rev up their tessitura for the weeks ahead. Enchantment pours not so much out of every door (as in My Fair Lady) but out of open windows above and along the street.