Unfinished Business: A brilliant portrayal of privilege, post-punk melancholy and an unfilled life

In his first novel since 2001, Michael Bracewell, the novelist and renowned commentator on popular culture, proves that he is an outstanding craftsman of radical contemporary fiction

Michael Bracewell: the novelist and cultural commentator has made a riveting return to fiction with a perfectly paced, exquisitely written short novel

Unfinished Business is Michael Bracewell’s first novel since 2001, but he hasn't been idle in the intervening two decades. The English author and commentator consistently produces insightful cultural criticism.

This seasoned savant has contributed to numerous exhibition catalogues for artists such as Richard Hamilton and Gilbert & George, penned an introduction to Damien Hirst’s headline-grabbing Sotheby’s auction that grossed £111 million as financial markets plunged the world into recession, and wrote the preface for a ...