Touring de force: BMW finally launches M3 estate

A more practical M3 has been on the cards for years, but BMW has finally decided to put the car into production. Is it everything enthusiasts had hoped for?

BMW M3 Touring: fans of the M3 super saloon have seen their wishes come true with BMW releasing an estate version of the latest-generation M3

The BMW M3 super-saloon is a four-wheeled legend in the eyes of many car enthusiasts, but fans have been badgering the Bavarian company to produce a five-door estate version for years. Finally, their wishes have come true and BMW has released a ‘Touring’ version of the latest-generation M3. Will the brand aficionados finally have the car they’ve been baying for, or will the extra practicality detract from the M3’s appeal?

From the outside at least, ...