Tommy Tiernan: ‘There’s a pressure to have phenomenal erections all the time’

The comedian’s unorthodox chat show has been a sensational success. With an extended run continuing this month, the host, writer and stand-up shares his meditations on life, sex, and not following the money

Tommy Tiernan: ‘The most important thing is to be doing the work that you’re supposed to do’

We’re talking about ageing. Tiernan, at 51, is five years older than I am, and I’m tapping him for insights. He’s intrigued by “the changing nature of sex as you get older”. The conventional representation of the ageing libido, he says, is one of dysfunction, to be treated with tablets. But he sees it differently.

“Because your horn isn’t as relentless or as defiant as it used to be, as you get older,” he suggests, ...