‘There isn’t a song I’ve written that isn’t about love’ – Ailbhe Reddy

The pandemic almost derailed Ailbhe Reddy’s career, but the battle-weary and defiant singer songwriter is back with a new album and tour

Ailbhe Reddy: ‘There’s no mask on stage, and how I come across references how my day has been’. Picture: Fergal Phillips

“I am totally a natural optimist,” says Ailbhe Reddy over posh tea, scones, butter and cream in a Dublin city centre hotel. “I don’t realise that I am, but when I’m told something negative I always try to spin it around. The irony, of course, is that my music is quite sad, so people find it jarring that I’m always upbeat, but then that’s the duality of it, isn’t it?”

The Irish singer-songwriter lives in ...