The Luxe Radar: The world’s most decadent chocolate experiences

From cocoa plantations to chocolate meditations, these artisan experiences take the beloved treat to the next level

The Caribbean island’s 10th Chocolate Fest is taking place on 17 to 21 May 2023, where visitors can enjoy trips to cocoa plantations, chocolate factories and rum distilleries

Is there anything more pleasing than gifting or receiving great chocolate? Eh, yes, actually. How about visiting a tropical cocoa plantation to discover how exactly our favourite treat is made?

Ecuador is home to some of the best cacao beans in the world, so we’re intrigued at the sound of a pioneering sailing trip along the Ecuadorian coast, visiting local cacao farms and plantations. The Toquilla Expedition, onboard the sleek Kontiki Wayra yacht, will stop off at a traditional orchid farm in San Miguel de Sarampion, where highly prized Arriba Nacional cacao trees grow. Here guests will learn about the growth, harvest, fermentation and drying processes of the cocoa beans that will yield the finest chocolate in the world. After a farm-to-table lunch, you’ll be able to make your own chocolate, before heading back to your yacht for more Pacific adventures. 5-day Toquilla Expedition from €3,615,