The Luxe Radar: Designer coffee

From grinders and machines to espresso martinis and a tour of Colombia, we explore the very finest the coffee world has to offer

The La Pavoni Esperto lever machine is the Maserati of the coffee world

Once upon a time, kopi luwak was the most expensive coffee in the world. Created from partially digested coffee cherries retrieved from Asian palm civets’ dung, the fashionable coffee soon drew questions around animal welfare. Luckily, Northern Thailand’s rescue elephants were on hand to step in as the world’s fanciest coffee processors. Cue Black Ivory Coffee, ethically produced under the watchful eye of the Golden Triangle’s Asian Elephant Foundation. We’ve yet to taste the fabled elixir, which is targeting five-star hotels and restaurants. A limited selection is available to consumers, at a cost of €80 for 35g, making four espresso-sized cups. If you fancy your coffee refined by elephants, buy online at