The Long Read: Is Scientology’s new drug rehab centre all that it seems?

The controversial church’s Narconon rehabilitation facility is soon to open in the Co Meath village of Ballivor. But misgivings about its true purpose are being aired, with some observers suspecting that it will also function as a recruitment facility for the religion

The new Narconon rehab centre, which the Church of Scientology is to open in Ballivor, Co Meath, will be the first of its kind in Ireland. Picture: Barry Cronin

The quiet Co Meath village of Ballivor is not the kind of place you might expect to find a Scientology-linked rehab centre. It is here, though, that a Narconon facility is being opened for the first time on Irish soil. The residential service will be offered from a 56-bed building just off the village’s main street, with treatment based on the teachings of Scientology’s founder, the late L Ron Hubbard.

Founded in 1966, Narconon is ...