The Expectation Effect: How reprogramming our thinking can change our life experience

While expressly not advocating the power of positive thinking, David Robson’s scientific study shows how our beliefs can become self-fulfilling prophecies

In The Expectation Effect, science writer David Robson demonstrates how our beliefs often become self-fulfilling prophecies that dramatically shape our health and happiness


The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Transform Your Life

By David Robson

Canongate, €16.99

In her autobiographical novel Seduction of the Minotaur, Anaïs Nin explores the contrasting perceptions of lead character Lillian and a painter called Jay. When they walk along “the same Seine river” in Paris, Lillian sees it as “silky grey, sinuous and glittering”. Jay, however, draws it as “opaque with fermented mud”, focusing on the discarded wine bottle corks at ...