That familiar feeling: why the latest luxury jewellery trends are all about sentimentality

Choosing jewellery that is personal and layered with meaning is a way of finding comfort in uncomfortable times. It also makes for a sound investment

Kate Middleton paid tribute to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at her funeral by wearing her delicate drop earrings and a pearl choker necklace, which had been loaned in the past to Diana, Princess of Wales, Middleton’s late mother-in-law

Sex no longer sells. These days it’s sentiment that’s driving consumerism, at least with regard to jewellery. This is not to be mistaken for nostalgia. In turbulent times, shoppers have always leaned into the past, looking for poignant triggers of simpler, less stressful times, and certainly fashion, as well as popular culture, has dealt with the apocalyptic, impending sense of doom brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic with a cocooning comfort blanket of Y2K and ...