Taste Maker: Niamh O’Sullivan, Irish mezzo soprano – ‘My favourite piece of clothing? I feel so comfortable in suits. They’re a part of my brand now’

The fabulous Niamh O’Sullivan talks early life, career, professional influences and dinner party guests

Mezzo soprano Niamh O’Sullivan. ‘The item I’d rescue from a burning building? My Sage coffee machine. If my coffee machine was all I had, I’d be perfectly fine’

Can you tell me a little about your background, before you started your current career?

I grew up in Douglas, Cork and lived there until I went to college at The Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. I studied singing, musical theatre and dance right throughout my teens, before being caught by the opera bug when I moved to Dublin, mainly driven by the iconic, much missed singing instructor Dr Veronica – Ronnie – ...