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Take back this city: ‘Make Dublin rideable again’ – James Kavanagh

They might be frustrated by Dublin’s failings, but they are equally optimistic about how the city could be improved, five Dubliners give their views on how the capital can fulfil its potential

James Kavanagh: ‘There are so many gorgeous things happening in Dublin, but if you look close enough, they are usually initiated by small, low-income creatives.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Three years ago, the Business Post Magazine asked a number of creatives about their hopes for the capital in the decade to come. But just a few weeks later the world came to a standstill with the rapid spread of Covid-19. Borders slammed shut, flights became grounded and plans were ripped up.

Dublin has survived the pandemic, but it has not emerged unscathed. It is battered and bruised, with an uncertain future. We asked five ...