Sustainable fashion: The repair company that specialises in luxury shoes and handbags

In a bid to boost the life span of our wardrobes, and encourage a more sustainable clothing economy, there’s a category disrupting the new luxury market.

The Restory, a London-based company launched in 2017 by Vanessa Jacobs and Emily Rea, with the aim of transforming the essential service of restoration from a tired mass-market utility into a branded lifestyle category by aligning it with the luxury experience

While repair services are not a new concept, they have blossomed of late thanks to misgivings about the sustainability of fast fashion, the rediscovery of craft and a growing appreciation for clothing that tells a story. Where once those in the know had a cobbler on a corner to whom they’d entrust their scuffed sandals, now established repair services - much like everything else in the modern world - are available at the touch of ...