Book Review

Surrender: Insightful deep dive into the extraordinary life of Bono

Much more humble and self-aware than he’s often given credit for, the U2 frontman’s memoirs reveal his thoughts on class, religion and his activism while he’s candid about the difficult and challenging moments in his life

Perhaps surprisingly for a frontman often accused of being as much preacher as entertainer, however, Bono is less zealous in his proselytising than one might expect. Picture: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.

When is the right time to pen a memoir? I’m always a little confused by sports stars who decide to tell their story while still playing whatever game made them famous. At least most politicians wait until they leave office before the tell-all arrives.

The most famous man in Ireland, and one of the most celebrated faces on the planet, has waited until his 62nd year to put his thoughts on paper, and while there ...