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Summer style: ‘Coastal grandmother’ is trending and here’s how to get the look

More a mindset than a prescriptive fashion trend, this summer’s most-coveted aesthetic – despite its moniker – doesn’t require a house with ocean views or a retirement plan

Tastemakers and TikTokers alike are embracing the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ aesthetic synonymous with the moveies of Nancy Meyers

When Lex Nicoleta began describing her personal style as "coastal grandmother" on her TikTok feed earlier this year, she seemed to strike a chord with people across the world who identified with or aspired to the crisp, monied and perennially sunny lifestyle tropes synonymous with Nancy Meyers’ movies.

Think early 2000s rom-coms that saw Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep sell a particular brand of laid-back luxury, replete with enormous ticking-covered couches, farm-to-table food, swathes of ...