Style council: How an ex-corpo house in Kimmage was upgraded to an A-rated home

Anyone can check out an architect’s website to see their work, but to really understand their approach, there’s no place better than their own home, writes Amanda Kavanagh, in the first of our new series on architects’ design choices

Andrew Brady sits at his two metre-long kitchen table, which the extension was designed around. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Architect Andrew Brady and his family had been through a run of bad luck with rental leases before they found this end-of-terrace, ex-council house in Kimmage for sale in early 2017.

“We had been renting for eight years and had been in four different houses,” Andrew says. “With a young family growing up and a few instances of having the rug pulled from under our feet – once when our daughter Josie was five weeks ...