Singer Morgana of Saint Sister on going solo, theatre and choosing the way of the witch

One half of the successful ‘atmosfolk’ duo Saint Sister, MacIntyre is ready to inhabit her full name and explore more of a solo career

'What I feel like “Morgana” is,’ says Belfast-bred singer-songwriter Morgan Macintyre, ‘is choosing to be that disrupter of norms’

“My family have a motto,” says Morgan MacIntyre. “And it’s that every decision is the wrong one.”

The Belfast-bred singer-songwriter is sitting across from me in Nelly’s Café, Drumcondra. It’s a chilly October afternoon, we’re drinking tea and discussing her new song, Car Lot in Montana, a live version of which she recently recorded at Dublin Liberties Distillery.

“For me, the song is about imagining another world, and another life for yourself,” she says. “And ...