‘Seeing addiction and alcoholism through Shiv has been really eye-opening for me’ – Róisín Gallagher

Belfast actor Róisín Gallagher is due to hit Irish televisions screens in a break-out role as a recovering alcoholic in The Dry, a new comedy-drama that has already wowed audiences on BritBox for its honest portrayal of alcoholism

Róisín Gallagher: ‘Getting the part of Shiv was one of the most exciting things that’s happened to me so far.’ Picture: Brandon Bishop

Getting the news that you’ve landed a part in a production is the best call any actor can receive, but when that role is a lead in The Dry, a comedy/drama penned by award-winning playwright and Bafta-nominated screenwriter Nancy Harris, and directed by the great Paddy Breathnach, whose credits include classic Irish gangster drama I Went Down, your day is unlikely to get any better.

“Getting the part of Shiv was one of the most ...