Sara Keating on theatre: Starry cast of Gate Theatre’s Endgame doesn’t distract from enduring power of Beckett’s classic

Danya Taymor’s production of Endgame at the Gate Theatre features well-known names such as Frankie Boyle, Robert Sheehan and Gina Moxley

Robert Sheehan and Frankie Boyle in Endgame by Samuel Beckett

"Nothing is funnier than unhappiness,” the decrepit Nell (Gina Moxley) philosophises at the beginning of Endgame, Samuel Beckett’s 1957 play, which balances itself on a tightrope between hell and humour. The setting is vaguely post-apocalyptic, a bunker at the end of times. The world outside is “zero”, “grey”.

Inside, it is just as bleak. Nell and her husband Nagg (Seán McGinley) are confined to ashbins. Hamm (Frankie Boyle) is blind, incontinent, and unable to move ...