Sara Keating on Theatre: Is Irish theatre missing an opportunity to make a sale?

The demand for vintage theatrical merchandise in this country is clearly there but, with a handful of exceptions, the main players in the field show a strange reluctance to capitalise on what’s in the vaults

A linen handkerchief specially commissioned by the Abbey Theatre in 1913 to raise funds in America to secure a building for Hugh Lane’s art collection

In 1913, the Abbey Theatre embarked upon a tour of North America to raise money and promote Irish independence. The touring company’s repertoire featured plays by WB Yeats, JM Synge and Lady Gregory. As well as tickets for the performances, Abbey memorabilia was available to buy in theatre foyers, including a specially commissioned linen handkerchief.

Sold as the Abbey Handkerchief, it cost $1 and its specific fundraising purpose – to secure a building for Hugh ...