Sara Keating on Culture: The reimagined Renaissance fresco writing women back into history

The project from art collective Na Cailleacha takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to subverting the patriarchal canon

Dr Caroline Campbell, the first woman director of the National Gallery of Ireland, is one of 50 prominent women pictured in Na Cailleacha’s School of Hibernia portrait. Picture: Fergal Phillips

At the Cork Midsummer Festival last June, theatre artist Gina Moxley staged an intervention at her former alma mater, the old Municipal School of Art at The Crawford Gallery.

I Fall Down: A Restoration Comedy was a performed lecture of sorts in which Moxley established the limitations of traditional art curriculums focused almost exclusively on male artists, before rewriting and re-embodying the narrative through her own fearless feminist lens.

Moxley got the audience involved in ...