Sara Keating: Alternative voices and spaces still give the Fringe its edge

The Dublin Fringe Festival, which runs from September 10-24, continues to provide a platform for theatre’s new writers, with new work from Nigerian-Irish writer Samuel Yakura and Lianne O’Hara among others

ThisIsPopBaby take over the arena at the National Stadium for their show, Wake, at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. Picture: Conor Horgan

If September marks the return to school for families and teachers, for theatre audiences the month marks the start of an intense period of theatre-going with the beginning of the two-week performance frenzy that is the Dublin Fringe Festival.

Since its foundation in 1995, the festival has been at the forefront of experimental and cutting-edge contemporary theatre, providing space for emerging artists to showcase their work and established artists to interrogate their own practices.

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