Roz Purcell: ‘I live in my own bubble sometimes’

Roz Purcell stands out among Instagram stars for her integrity and empathy for young people, having overcome her own demons as a model in her early 20s. But what is perhaps most impressive is how she juggles multiple roles with aplomb, including as a judge in the upcoming Junk Kouture competition

Roz Purcell: ‘Everything could look good on the outside, but if it’s not on the inside, then there’s no point’

If you’re one of the half a million people who follow Roz Purcell online, then you’ll know without me telling you that her Instagram feed is clever.

Most Instagram influencers deliver highlight reels of their lives to their audiences: glossily edited shots and footage that focus on their most perfect moments. Purcell, a former model who is also a cookbook author and creator of the hiking community the Hike Life, serves up pictures and videos ...