Rob Doyle, novelist: ‘A personality trait that I admire in others? Defiance’

The Dublin-born novelist’s most recent book is Autobibliography and he has new writing in the latest editions of Winter Papers and Dublin Review

Novelist Rob Doyle. ‘I’ve repressed most of my childhood memories because being a child didn’t agree with me’. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Asked to give a good piece of advice, Rob Doyle has a ready answer. “Follow your fascinations,” the Dublin-born novelist says. “Don’t just read what everyone else is reading, or else you’ll write like everyone else too.” Inspired by authors including Roberto Bolaño, Milan Kundera and Martin Amis, Doyle has sought through his fiction to blur the lines between the novel and memoir genres. His debut novel Here are the Young Men (2014) was adapted for film and his follow-up Threshold was nominated for the Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year 2021. Most recently Doyle has published the non-fiction work Autobibliography (2021).