Radio review: Taking a closer look at silly-season fluff

On Newstalk’s Moncrieff, John Dempsey attempted to delve beneath the glossily vacuous surface of Love Island

Love Island: do we need its absurdist escapism more than ever?

Despite the scandals that threatened the future of Love Island in 2020, we may actually need its absurdist escapism more than ever. Stuck at home, without the prospect of foreign holidays or even a meal in a restaurant for the foreseeable future, Love Island's Balearic backdrop and brash contestants offer something we’ve been starved of since the pandemic began: a chance to experience a proper change of scenery and random social interaction, albeit vicariously.

In TV on the Radio, a regular slot on Monday’s Moncrieff (Newstalk), John Dempsey offered listeners who are only lately attracted to the “heterosexual nonsense” of this cultural phenomenon a lesson in how to view Love Island.