Podcast: the Aine Kerr and Mairin Murray interview on #HowIDidIt, with expert tips from Sarah Geraghty

In this third episode of #HowIDidIt: the Business Post’s Women in Leadership podcast series, Nadine O’Regan interviews Aine Kerr, co-founder of Kinzen, and Máirín Murray, co-founder of Tech for Good about 'squiggly' careers, the war on misinformation and how technology is reshaping our lives

Ambition, leadership and sexism are all under discussion in the new season of the #HowIDidIt podcast series

Misinformation through fake online news or tinkered-with video footage or audio is rife these days, so much so that it has the capacity to change the course of global events, from presidential elections through to the outbreak of war.

More and more companies are taking up the challenge to fight online fiction with real-world facts. Dublin-based entrepreneur Aine Kerr is co-founder and chief operating officer of Kinzen, a technology company designed to combat online misinformation.

“When information is uncertain and anxiety is high, the natural response for people is to try to resolve that uncertainty and anxiety by seeking out information,” she explains. “But sometimes disinformation is sown to deliberately spew confusion in a massive historic moment like this.”

Kerr joins Máirín Murray, co-founder of Tech for Good, a group that seeks to harness the power of technology to positively impact communities, on the third episode in the new series of the Business Post’s #HowIDidIt podcast, out today.

“We are lucky in that we can share information,” Murray notes on the podcast. “We have access to all sorts of information from all sorts of sources. In Russia, that information is being cut off. So Facebook is no longer accessible. Twitter is no longer accessible. There’s no information, no debate. There’s no discussion, they’re just getting one narrative fed to them. It’s so dangerous. It’s frightening.”

Later in the episode, Sarah Geraghty, senior training consultant at the Comunications Clinic, offers tips on CV preparation and job interviews. Listen at the link below, or via Apple Podcasts.

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