PJ Gallagher: ‘Secrets and lies fucked up our family, so I’m telling all – I’ve nothing to hide’

The comedian, actor and radio host opens up about growing up with alcoholic parents, new fatherhood and Madhouse, his recently-published book

Comedian, actor and radio host PJ Gallagher. ‘I came out of St Pat’s feeling like a million dollars and wanted to write the book because I didn’t care who knows what’

PJ Gallagher’s twins are about to turn 12 weeks old. The comedian and radio host is finding being a new father at the age of 48 tough. “It’s survival mode, but I think that’s as good as anyone can do. She’s been preparing her whole life for this and I’ve been running away my whole life, so it’s like a meeting of minds,” he grins across the table.

The ‘she’ in question is Gallagher’s partner ...