Out of the fast lane: the drift towards pre-loved designer fashion

With many consumers being put off fast fashion by ethical concerns, buying pre-loved designer clothing online is becoming increasingly popular. As well as contributing to eco-sustainability, the thrill of nabbing a little gem of a bargain is key to its appeal too

Cathy O’Connor, a Dublin-based stylist: ‘I have a policy of ‘something in, something out’, so my wardrobe is always changing’. Picture: Fergal Phillips

We’ve all experienced the endorphin rush of a shopping spree. But all too often, the euphoria is followed by buyer’s remorse, as we lament the amount of money we’ve spent or feel a sense of guilt over purchasing something new when we already have a wardrobe full of clothes.

This is one of the reasons why buying pre-loved designer clothing online has become so popular, as people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to ...