Oliver Callan interview: ‘I always find Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald are hilariously quite similar in that we don’t really know what their ideology is’

The political satirist on his culchie background, the various accidents and surprising twists of his career and how he managed to find more work by not looking for it

Political satirist Oliver Callan: ‘Most of what I’ve ended up doing has been by various accidents and surprising twists along the way.’ Picture: Andres Poveda

He is a man of many voices, most of which are dreaded by Irish politicians. He grew up on a farm in Inniskeen, Co Monaghan and comes from a household in which he can’t remember his parents “ever reading a single book” when he was growing up.

He has become Ireland’s most acerbic political wit, famous for satirising others, yet in order to reject accusations of homophobia against him, he came out as gay in ...