Nadine O’Regan: A temper tantrum can be a sign of career burnout

Talk show host James Cordon’s restaurant meltdown and journalist Marianne Jones’s A&E scare were both symptomatic of a work-life balance completely out of whack. Those of us with similarly stressful careers should take note, and slow down

James Corden: the talk show host lost his rag in a New York restaurant where he was rude to the waiters

I came across an article early last week by a female journalist in Britain. She described how career burnout had left her in A&E, with near-crisis levels of hypertension, at risk of a stroke. How did she know it was burnout that was the underlying problem? When the doctor pointed out how sick she was, Marianne Jones’s first thought was not about her health, but how she could get back to work in time to ...