Kathryn Thomas interview: ‘It’s important to ‘work, rest and play’, but resting is just as important as the other two

The TV presenter has lost none of the energy that propelled her to TV fame in her early 20s

Kathryn Thomas, presenter and entrepreneur: ‘There’s a perception because I’m passionate about exercise, and love it, that I never miss a day. But I’m just as passionate about dinners out with my husband or dancing with the girls and hanging out with my kids.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Kathryn Thomas’s first job in television wasn’t No Frontiers, or even the late 1990s youth sports programme Rapid, but holding an umbrella over media personality Duncan Stewart while he rehearsed his lines.

Back in 1999, the then-20 year old had dropped out of her studies at UCD to get a job – any job – in television. “I had written to a few small production companies in Dublin,” she says, “volunteering to do anything; come ...