Kathleen MacMahon: We may not be able to help our mothers, but we can still save our daughters

Thanks to the honesty and bravery of the women who called into Liveline to share stories of their distress during menopause, we’ve come a step closer to a place where their suffering is no longer acceptable

Kathleen MacMahon: ’The impact of menopause on partners and the wider family is a hideous and not inconsequential side effect of the phenomenon.’ Picture: Marc O'Sullivan

My local chemist shop on Bath Avenue is staffed by some formidable women and provides a forum for many a medico-philosophical discussion. On any given day, we might discuss Viagra, the pros and cons, or babies, the need to have them early or freeze your eggs.

On one recent occasion, the topic of discussion was the menopause. A neighbour told the assembly how her husband took their two teenage boys aside for a briefing. “Your ...