Justine Stafford: ‘When you work online, it can start to feel like something you can’t escape’

The Meath-born comedian and internet personality can capture the quirks of rural Irish life like few other comics of her generation, but knows the intrinsic dangers of becoming too deeply immersed in her work

Justine Stafford: the comedian is moving into TV comedy with the new RTÉ 2 series No Worries If Not! Picture: Marc O’Sullivan

On a recent visit home to Meath, Justine Stafford recorded a video of the two dozen or so black cones in her family’s garage. “In case you ever wondered how much Irish people love funerals, this is our garage,” she said as she walked through the doors. The camera turned to the cones, each of which were marked with a cross. She explained that her dad kept them “on the off chance he has to ...