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Joking aside: The serious business of making people laugh

There’s never been a better time for comedians and their audiences in Dublin, writes Cormac Fitzgerald, fresh from a hilarious tour of the city’s diverse, thriving comedy venues

Emma Doran, comedian, in The Comedy Cellar, Wicklow Street: ‘There’s definitely more different types of gigs and line-ups than there were. There are more gigs and better-run gigs.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

The Dublin comedy scene is booming. On any given night of the week in pubs and venues across the city, comedians are cracking jokes and making people laugh. Seasoned veterans and high-profile names share stages with newbies and up-and-comers. Some venues hold hundreds of people, while other events might have an audience of just ten. There are diverse club nights and open mics to cater to every taste.

“It’s definitely in a good place,” says ...