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John Maguire: Wilde’s doomed Don’t Worry Darling falls apart under its own weight

Already the subject of considerable conjecture on social media, director Olivia Wilde’s latest effort simply has too many flaws to pass muster

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling: audiences will see the twist coming from a distance

You probably haven’t seen Olivia Wilde’s second feature Don’t Worry Darling yet, but you’ve almost certainly heard about it. This sci-fi-tinged psychological thriller became the subject of gossip and rumours even before it had completed filming.

There were unfounded rumours of a fallout between Wilde and her star Florence Pugh, breathless reports of last-minute casting changes and production troubles, along with an outrageous – and outrageously inaccurate – viral video of first-time leading man Harry ...