John Maguire: The Creator’s futuristic AI thrills deliver the sci-fi film of the year

Gareth Edwards’ film is a cross between Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now in its wonderfully rendered, believable future

The Creator: ‘addresses the issue of artificial intelligence with vim and verve in an imagined future so beautifully rendered you feel you could reach into the screen’

Back in 2010, British filmmaker Gareth Edwards announced himself as the coming man in sci-fi cinema with his low-budget debut Monsters, a breathless romance set during an invasion by gigantic aliens in the Mojave desert. Snapped up by the studio machine, Edwards was quickly hired to turn out an uninspired reboot of Godzilla and, in 2016, faced the blazing opprobrium of Star Wars fans for his perfectly serviceable spin-off Rogue One. Neither film was perfect ...