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John Maguire on film: Clichéd biopic fails to live up to amazing story of talented black musician

Chevalier still manages to tell an important story set in the time of Mozart about one man’s defiance against a racist society while throwing light on his mostly forgotten achievements

Kelvin Harrison jr as 18th century creole composer and librettist Joseph Bologne in Chevalier

Chevalier, directed by Stephen Williams; Nationwide, 12A; rating: ***

Chevalier, a biopic of the 18th century creole composer and librettist Joseph Bologne, opens like a bombastic rock opera. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is performing in a theatre to a full house of adoring Parisians, running through his dazzling repertoire with a self-satisfied smirk. Then a black man in brocade and frilly lace strides confidently towards the stage, asking if he can accompany the maestro for the ...