Jennifer Zamparelli: ‘I’m happy where I am. I’m sick of setting goals. What’s next? Nothing, that’s what’s next!’

The broadcaster once famously described herself as an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ on BBC’s The Apprentice. Now she’s an affable radio personality having found her groove on her 2FM weekday slot, not to mention her next gig as the presenter of a new family quiz show for RTÉ

‘I’ve learned in the last year how to listen to myself and I’m careful about how I consume the news‘

Last year was always going to be an eventful 12 months for Jennifer Zamparelli. Kicking things off with a second stint as co-host of RTÉ’s juggernaut Dancing with the Stars, the broadcaster was also turning 40 in April 2020.

Despite claiming that she was feeling fine about the milestone birthday in the run-up to it (“Turning 40? I’m like Woo-hoo!” read one newspaper headline), Zamparelli ended up having a somewhat muted celebration in the back ...