Jason Byrne interview: ‘Stand-up comedy is like a curse sometimes. You can’t just step away’

The Dublin-born comedian's livelihood was badly damaged by the pandemic, but a recent health scare means he’s keeping everything very much in perspective

Jason Byrne: after a pandemic-enforced career break, the comedian is preparing to take his shows to Australia and Finland among other places this year. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Jason Byrne is someone who can have fun even with the most serious of interview questions. We’re sitting in an empty RTÉ canteen in Dublin on a weekday morning when I ask about his criticism of government policy during the pandemic.

He laughs at this attempt to steer the conversation into political territory. “Oh, you mean when I called the government gobshites? ‘Their policy’, haha. Yeah, I often stand up in the Dáil and tell ...