How to Kill Your Family: Deliciously dark debut keeps murder and revenge in the family

With more than a nod to the classic film Kind Hearts and Coronets, Bella Mackie has produced an anti-hero who is quite willing to murder anyone – as long as they’re family – who gets in her way

Bella Mackie: her debut novel, How to Kill Your Family, is deliciously nasty. Picture: PA


How to Kill Your Family

By Bella Mackie

Borough Press, €12.99

When we meet Grace Bernard, the protagonist of Bella Mackie’s deliciously nasty debut novel, she’s behind bars. She’s been convicted of murdering a woman who was engaged to her best – and only – friend.

Like many prisoners, Grace believes “the justice system of this country is a joke.” Her reasons for thinking this, however, are less common: “I have killed several people ...