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Hometree: A west Clare tree-planting charity that’s growing into a movement

The government has identified afforestation as a key element in the fight against climate change and Hometree, a charity in west Clare, is helping that effort through tree planting and education

Mitch Corbett, co-founder of Hometree: As a former professional surfer, perhaps it’s unsurprising that he feels a deep connection to nature. Picture: Eamon Ward

The sun has just begun to break through the morning fog as I cross the bridge over the Ennistymon Falls, take a left turn and make my way down the narrow road that leads to the Hometree headquarters in west Clare. I’m on the way to one of the charity’s fortnightly volunteer tree planting days, and it’s shaping up to be one of those rare but lovely early days of summer.

Nestled among fields and ...