Harry’s memoir doesn’t Spare his dysfunctional family, but fails to see his own faults

Prince Harry's book has plenty of tantalising gossip about Buckingham Palace and his squabbling family but, with his many revelations about them, it’s hard to see how they can solve their differences

Meghan and Harry: in his memoir, Britain’s Prince Harry says he and his wife Meghan ‘fled’ Britain to prevent a repeat of what happened to his mother Diana

When Prince Harry was learning to fly an army helicopter, his instructor remarked on how the young royal didn’t show any fear of dying. “I hadn’t been afraid of death since the age of 12,” the Prince writes in his memoir Spare.

After leaving the army, Harry suffered from post-traumatic stress. But he tells us his war didn’t start in Afghanistan – it started at home in 1997, the moment his mother died. During his ...