Future facing: Low-effort beauty is the trend to watch in 2021

One of the biggest beauty trends you can expect to see this year is skincare-infused makeup. We look at the new world of hybrid beauty and speak to Bobbi Brown’s senior pro artist, Warren Dowdall, for some expert tips on what to buy and how to apply

The appeal of serum foundations is largely down to their ability to create the ultimate no-makeup makeup look

Whether it was juggling homeschooling with a full-time job, attending Zoom meetings or finding the time for an at-home workout, 2020 had its fair share of multitasking. But it’s no longer just our personal lives that ask for duality, our skincare shelves and beauty bags now require it too.

After a year when looking presentable felt more like a task than a pastime we once enjoyed, low-effort beauty is emerging as a lifestyle. We’re no ...