From the street to Stradbally: meet the buskers plugging into Electric Picnic

The City Stage Collective at the annual music festival will feature a selection of Ireland’s most talented street musicians, who will then get a chance to play at venues like the 3Arena

This year’s Electric Picnic festival, Ireland’s largest gathering of music and arts, will be held in Stradbally, Co Laois, from September 1 to 3

Korey Power has come to blows a couple of times while busking on the streets of Cork. “Fist fights, yeah,” he says. “There’ve been loads. Money getting robbed. Guitar almost got robbed, stuff like that. I’ve had a few mad experiences.”

Meeting Power in a bustling Dublin city centre hotel, you’d believe he gives as good as he gets. Well built, baseball cap down low and up to his neck in tattoos, his appearance suggests ...