Filmmaker Ken Wardrop: ‘On good days I’m an extrovert. On bad days I’m an introvert’

The award-winning director’s new documentary So This is Christmas tells the stories of five people in Ireland for whom the festive period is challenging

Ken Wardrop, fimmaker, wishes he could be better at singing: ‘I’d love to be a member of a choir, but I have a woeful singing voice’

Ken Wardrop first came to the attention of audiences for his documentary Undressing My Mother, which won a European Film Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2005.

Brought up on a farm in the Midlands, Wardrop became interested in the art of the documentary when, at 26, he moved from London to Dublin to study filmmaking at the National Film School in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire.

“I found myself making documentaries as personal projects,” he says. “Undressing My Mother was a very personal film about my mum and her grieving the loss of my dad, her husband.” He is also known for the films His & Hers and Mom & Me,