Father figures: NewDad interviewed

NewDad count The Cure and 1990s shoegaze bands among their influences, but the young Galway quartet’s pop sensibility shines through the gloom

NewDad: ‘It would mean a lot to Irish musicians to be played on Irish radio first, and it’s a shame we don’t get to hear them that much’

Julie Dawson, singer, lyricist and guitarist with the Galway band NewDad, is most definitely a glass-half-full person. This is slightly ironic, considering that, in her own words, she usually writes about “anxiety, restlessness, relationships, things like that. That’s what has been on everyone’s mind for almost two years now. It’s what we have been feeling and I guess it’s what I pick up on.”

Despite Dawson’s nagging doubts and blue bouts, NewDad have emerged as ...